Aileen Sheedy – Showrunner

Aileen is a filmmaker, photographer, writer, and hopeless fangirl. Things she enjoys include: good movies, bad music, young adult novels, socks, slam poetry, and anything from the 1980s. She has a username no one can spell or pronounce on both Twitter and Tumblr.

Julia Gaskill – Supervising Producer

Julia is excited to return for her second Pencil Ink Productions web series. Some of her more recent achievements have been co-running a Muppet podcast, writing for Portland Book Review, performing slam poetry in the Pacific NW and at WoWPS 2016, and being the Multimedia Producer of The Misselthwaite Archives. Find out more about her on TumblrTwitter, and YouTube.

Amanda Daly – Associate Producer

Amanda is a jack-of-all-trades and master of fun. Subsisting on a steady diet of salty folk songs, bad jokes, and romance novels, she hopes to convince her mom that she just really needs to work on her art right now. Amanda graduated from Southern Oregon University with a BA in Theatre Arts and specializes in being handy to have around. You can follow her on Twitter and check out her design blog!

Devra Dato-on – Promotional Manager

Devra is a bookworm, teacher, and pianist. She is a big fan of LIWs and was privileged to be a multimedia creator for The Misselthwaite Archives and a transmedia coordinator for Classic Alice. She has been published in Clavier Companion, a piano magazine. You can find Devra on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Hazel Jeffs – Development Staff

Hazel is a soon-to-be English graduate and token Brit who loves writing, reading, analysing, theorising, fan-vidding… basically anything to do with stories. She still can’t believe her luck that she got to work on MisselArch and was ecstatic to be asked back to unravel the mysteries of Cloisterham. When she isn’t staring absently into the middle-distance, embarking on ambitious craft projects or teaching silly games to small children, you can find her fangirling hard over literary adaptations and historical fiction of all kinds over on her Tumblr and Twitter.

Mac Reid – Staff Writer

Mac is a freelance artist and enjoyer of coffee presently located in Portland, OR. Her favorite things to write about are medical emergencies, homoerotic subtext of the female variety, Chekhovian domesticity, and robots. You can find her embarrassingly large collection of photographs featuring hot babes on Tumblr.

CJ Hoke – Staff Writer

CJ is a writer living and working in Los Angeles. Storyteller, script coordinator, and steam car repairwoman, you may recognize her work from The Misselthwaite Archives or from the commas she’s snuck into your favorite ABC soap opera. She studied detective fiction in college and is thrilled to help adapt one of her favorite unsolved mysteries for the web. You can follow her on Twitter.

Shelby Stillwell – Staff Writer

Shelby is a writer, traveler, and self-professed “lifelong student” with an unshakable idealist-youngster-hipster belief in the power of stories to save the world (or at least change the culture). She has a bachelor’s degree in International Studies from the University of Oklahoma and an eclectic expertise set accumulated through years of fangirling, backpacking, and consuming entirely too much coffee. She is the writer of the web series The Writing Majors and Horizons and co-founder of Betwixt Productions, and you can find her sporadic travel content and life musings on YouTube or Instagram.

Stacey Hendricks – Transmedia Staff

Stacey is a recovering student who now spends her time reading, teaching herself new languages, failing miserably at crocheting, and playing with her service dog. There is usually a cup of coffee in her hand. You can, unsurprisingly, find her on Tumblr.

Anya Steiner – Transmedia Staff

Anya is a writer who is always waiting for a thunderstorm. She created the web series Northbound and the podcast CreativiTEA Time, and will be highly offended if you’ve never heard of these things. When not nerding out about various forms of storytelling, Anya spends much of her time reblogging gif sets from Hamilton, Star Wars, and teen movies from decades past. Follow her on Tumblr and Twitter so she can bask in external validation.

Mary Hurley McGillivray – Transmedia Staff

Mary is a Media and Communications student from Melbourne, Australia who works freelance as a filmmaker, animator and graphic designer. In 2015 she wrote and directed the webseries Words from Wilde, and her dream is to one day compete at the Eurovision Song Contest. You can visit her website and follow her on Tumblr.

Danny Rivkin – Transmedia Staff

Danny is finishing up her master’s degree; also known as her excuse to do another thesis project on webseries and transmedia storytelling. She works for Betwixt Productions, has really random hobbies, and can’t figure out what else she should put in a short bio about herself. So instead you can check out her website or just stalk her on Twitter.

Emily Regenstreif – Development Assistant

Emily works in a Montessori pre-school and spends most of her free time watching movies, listening to music, and going to concerts. She is also full of knowledge about 1800’s New England whaling history and men’s division one college basketball.